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The ARM Rapid Response provides operational support for the DOE ARM North Slope of Alaska atmospheric observatories to ensure sustainable cutting edge atmospheric measurements in the Arctic.

The Lagrange Simulation for Aerosol Transport (LASAT) modeling system aims to improve our understanding of the dynamics of ice fog dispersion. 

Department of Energy Atmospheric Systems Research (ASR) funded project aiming to use Machine Learning to improve our understanding of processes within ice clouds.

The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow (CoCoRaHS) is a non-profit community-based network of volunteers that measure and map precipitation nationally.

Alaska is a new member of the National Mesonet, a “network of networks” that delivers critical information required for improved weather prediction and warnings across the United States.

Wildfire smoke dispersion and concentration is predicted in near real time during the fire season to mitigate exposure to harmful smoke particles and to predict visibility downstream from Alaska wildfires.