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2020 May Monthly Report


  • Globally, may set new temperature records since the beginning of Industrialization. On a global scale, may was 0.63°C warmer than the a verage may from 1981-2010 (ECMWF). Alaska was a hotspot: temperatures were above normal across all of Alaska, with the warmest temperatures along the west coast.
  • Nome set a new record for monthly average temperature of 45.7°F, breaking the previous record of 43.8°f set in 1983.
  • Most of Alaska was drier than normal with the exception of Bethel, Delta Junction, and Juliana.
  • Alaska continued to be free of abnormal dryness and drought despite drier than normal conditions.
  • Dry weather and lightning have triggered several wildfires.
  • Sea ice extent at the end of May was below average in the Chukchi sea, but less so than in recent years.