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2019 September Monthly Report


  • Alaska recorded again warmer than normal temperatures all over the State. An extreme new September temperature record was set in Utqiagvik.
  • Precipitation was above normal in large parts of the state. While during the first half of the month, restrictions were imposed in some communities in the Kenai Peninsula due to water scarcity, steady rainfall occurred widely over the rest of the month of September, and water levels especially in Southern Alaska were restored.
  • Due to intense storms, some rivers in the Kenai Peninsula and in Pedro Bay were pushed into flood action stage. Strong winds and flooding were recorded also in Western Alaska and in the anchorage bowl.
  • The Panhandle received significantly less than normal rainfall, and continues to be under abnormally dry to extreme dry conditions.
  • Around September 19, Arctic sea ice began its autumn growth. The 2019 season is about tied for number two all-time low with the 2016 level.
  • Massive seabird die-offs, observed in Alaska during summer 2019, is linked to changes in zooplankton and fish populations, which could be related to the observed