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2013 May Monthly Report


The tempest of the 3rd of the month brought winter storm warning across much of the state. More heavy snows in the 6th dropped up to two feet in Nabesna and Mentasta Pass. Storm warnings were again issued on the 13th for much of the state, and hazardous driving conditions were reported on the Dalton and Parks Highways. The Dalton also saw an unprecedented number of avalanches during the month, and they continued up to the end. Despite ongoing work by the road crews, the Denali Highway was not opened to summer traffic by the 31st.

The cold weather also resulted in later than normal break up across many of the rivers. Flooding from an ice jam on the Yukon hit Eagle on the 17th. Flooding moved down river to Circle on the 19th, with the locals calling it the worst flood to ever hit the community. Fort Yukon residents prepared to be next, but the town was mostly spared. Heavy flooding next hit Galena on the 26th, resulting in most of the town being evaluated. Water did not recede until the 28th. Minor flooding was reported along the Salcha River around the 25th. The Steese Highway was closed due to flooding on the 28th.

By mid month the unusual weather was having its effects felt in the annual migration of many bird species that travel through the Interior. The Nenana Ice Classic recorded its latest break up on record on the 20th. The annual guessing game has a 97-year record. Finally, Green-Up-Day for Fairbanks was recorded on the 26th, which was also the latest on record.