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2012 November Monthly Report


Due to the cold temperatures for the month, air quality was poor for Fairbanks and North Pole. The use of wood stoves increased and idling cars contributed to the pollution level. Furthermore, the first cold spell with ice fog occurred towards the end of the month. The first cold snap of the season hit Fairbanks at the end of November and continued on into December.

Despite the overall lack of snow during November, a snowstorm at the beginning of the month closed the Steese and Dalton highways for a day, due to both wind and drifting snow; the same thing happened toward the middle of the month. The lack of snow has affected skiers and snow machiners, keeping 2/3rds of the ski runs closed for the month. More disturbing, the lack of snow and the fierce winds at the end of the month in Palmer helped spread a rare winter wildfire, forcing the evacuation of residents of about a dozen homes in a subdivision before the fire could be contained.