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Kodiak September 2011


For Kodiak, the average monthly temperature of 49.2°F was close to the long-term mean of 49.6°F. The highest temperature of the month was 60°F on the 3rd, and the lowest was 32°F on the 29th. This was the first and only frost of the month. No temperature records were set in September. In general, the daily temperature ranges were very narrow for the first half of the month, and larger than expected for the second half. Mean wind speed was 8.3 mph, and the highest gust was 53 mph on the 5th. Monthly precipitation was heavy and totaled 15.49", more than twice the expected amount of 7.07". Precipitation, if even a trace amount, occurred on 28 days of the month. Three new daily precipitation records were set in September. The first one was set on the 2nd with 2.21", breaking the old record of 1.47" that had been in place since 1943. Then on the 5th, 1.59" of rain narrowly broke the 1982 record of 1.54". Finally, 12th saw a heavy 3.46" or rain, shattering the old total of 1.70" from 1979. This last record resulted in mudslide on the Chiniak Highway near Kodiak.