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Kodiak March 2013


Kodiak was only slightly cooler than normal, with a mean temperature for the month of 31.9°F, or only 0.9°F below the normal of 32.8°F. For the most part of March, temperatures were close to normal in Kodiak, although there was a slightly chillier 3-day spell starting on the 26th. The highest temperature was recorded on the 30th, at 44°F, while the coldest temperature of the month was observed 4 days prior, at 12°F.

Precipitation in Kodiak was less than expected, with 4.47", or 1.06" below the normal amount. Despite the lessened precipitation, snowfall was actually slightly above normal, with 11.7" falling, or 0.4" more than the expected amount. The average wind speed was 10.2 mph, with the highest wind speed occurring on the 7th, at 53 mph, blowing from the southeast.