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Kodiak March 2012


Kodiak's average temperature of 25.9°F in March was substantially below normal with a negative deviation of 6.9°F, and was colder than the previous month. With the exception of the last week, temperatures were below normal. The highest temperature measured was 46°F on the 30th, while the low temperature of 7°F occurred on the 3rd. No new temperature records were set for the month.
Monthly precipitation was measured at 3.33", 60% of the expected amount of 5.53". The total snowfall for the month was recorded as 18.1". On the 1stof the month, 5.5" of snow fell, slightly surpassing the old record of 5.0", which had been set in 1959. However, at the end of the month only 5" of snow were on the ground, due to melting, especially during the last week of March. The monthly average wind speed was calculated as 11.0 mph, and on the 11tha gust of 48 mph was recorded, blowing from a westerly direction.