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Kodiak December 2011


Kodiak reported for December an average temperature of 28.4°F. The mean monthly temperature was 2.8°F below the long-term mean of 31.2°F. The maximum temperature of 47°F for the month occurred on the 2nd this represents a new absolute high for this specific day. The old record was 46°F from 1992. The daily record high temperature was matched on the 18th at 44.0°F. This ties 1985, 1969 and 1937. The lowest temperature happened on the last day of the month with ‑3°F. This day and on two previous days new record low temperatures were tied or broken. On the 27th December the low temperature went down to 4°F, which tied the old value set in 1970. On the 30th the temperature dropped to 3°F, establishing a new record for the day. The previous record was 5°F, set in both, 2006 and 1997. The last day of the month was the coldest (-3°F), shattering the old record low from 1974 by 5°F. Precipitation was reported as 5.92", 68% of the long-term value and 8.8" of snow were measured for the month, again about 2/3 of normal. The mean wind speed was 9.2 mph and on the 18th of the month a gust blowing from the south of 60 mph was recorded, the highest value for the month.