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King Salmon July 2013


In July, King Salmon was 2.2°F above the normal temperature of 55.5°F, with a monthly mean of 57.7°F. The month started off cooler then normal, then stayed above normal after the first week. The cool start established two new daily low temperature records with Independence Day opening off at a minimum of 37°F, breaking the 1981 record of 38°F. Then on the 5th, the low of 31°F shattered the old record of 35°F, also from 1981. This is the coldest temperature for the month, as well as a new absolute monthly low for July. The warm temperatures also corresponded to record events: on the 13th 81°F was observed, breaking the old daily record of 80°F set in 2003. Then on the 22nd, the high of 79°F broke the 1980 record by 2°F. The record high of 80°F from back in 1953 was tied on 25th. The 26th was the warmest recorded temperature for the month at 82°F, and this marks a new daily record, breaking the 1987 high of 79°F. This was the sixth warmest July on record for King Salmon.

Precipitation was only 57% of the expected amount, with 1.30" recorded. The average wind speed was 8.1 mph, while the highest wind speed was 38 mph, on the 3rd, blowing from a southeasterly direction.