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King Salmon July 2012


In King Salmon the average temperature was 52.3°F, 2.2°F below the long term mean. The maximum temperature (73°F) for the month was reported on the 18th, while the minimum temperature of 40°F occurred on two separate days the 6thand the 25th.
King Salmon had a slightly above normal amount of precipitation with a total of 4.77", 2.47" over the long-term mean. The 4thsaw a new precipitation record of 0.59" set, topping the 1956 record of 0.31". Then again on the 9tha new record of 0.71" fell, breaking the 1994 total of 0.63". The average wind speed was 8.2 mph, and the highest gust of 43 mph occurred on the 28thfrom a southerly direction.