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King Salmon April 2015


The April monthly mean temperature for King Salmon was 36.1°F, 2.4°F above the normally expected mean. The highest temperature for the month was 60°F occurring on the 26th, while the lowest was 16°F measured on the 12th. The high temperature of 51°F on the 1st tied the record high for that day originally set back in 1934.

Precipitation was heavier than normal, with 2.18" of precipitation measured, 1.21" more than normal. On the 6th, 0.63" were measured, breaking the daily record for that day by 0.39", set in 1935. Snowfall was much heavier than normal, with 12.1" of snow measured, 310% of the 3.9" that is normal for the month. This was partly due to three daily record snowfall events set for the month; on the 7th, 2.5" of snow was measured, breaking the record for that day, set in 1931, by 0.5", then on the next day, the 8th, 4.5" of snow fell, shattering the record for that day by 1.8", previously set in 1975, and finally on the 9th, 3.8" of snow was measured, breaking the 1974 record for that day by 1.6". The average wind speed was 10.7 mph, while the highest wind speed was 42 mph on the 18th, blowing from a southeasterly direction.