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Ketchikan May 2012


Ketchikan's average temperature of 46.1°F in May was 2.5°F below the long-term mean. While being below normal, the temperature trend was close to the expected values for most of the month. The highest temperature of the month measured 64°F, which occurred on the 24thof May, while the low temperature of 36°F occurred on the 8th, 9thand 13thof the month.
Monthly precipitation was high with 19.25", more than doubling the long term mean of 8.20". Remarkably, 4.73" of rain fell on 6thof May, surpassing by a large amount the old record for this day of 2.40", set in 1959. This total received within a single day surpasses the long-termannual total for Barrow. On the following day, 4.26" of rain were reported, again smashing the previous record for this day of 2.60", which was set in 1973.