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Ketchikan January 2012


Ketchikan's average temperature of 32.0°F in January was 2.9°F below the long-term mean. Compared with most of the rest of Alaska, this is a relatively small deviation, as Alaska was, across the whole state, significantly below normal for January. The highest temperature of the month measured 49°F on the 4th, while the low temperature of -2°F occurred on the 19thof the month. Worth noting was the short but deep cold spell shortly after the middle of the month. This included a new record low temperature on the 19that -2°F, a substantial 7°F below the previous record of 5°F that had been set in 1972.
Monthly precipitation was measured at 22.26", 45% above the expected amount of 15.40". Notable events occurred on the 1stand the 7thof January, with 2.32" and 2.35" of precipitation, respectively.