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Ketchikan August 2011


Ketchikan's average temperature of 56.8°F in August was 1.2°F below the long-term mean. The highest temperature of the month measured 71°F on the 9th, while the low temperature of 44°F occurred on the 25thof the month. While the mean monthly temperature was somewhat below the expected value, nevertheless the daily temperature ranges followed fairly closely the long-term means. No new temperature extremes were observed.

Monthly precipitation was measured at 17.73", nearly twice the expected amount of 9.81". Remarkable were the precipitation events of the 20thand the 23rdof the month, with totals of 4.63" and 3.80", respectively, and setting new records for these days. The episode of the 20thsurpassed the old record of 3.38" previously set in 1956, while the rain of the 23rdtopped previous record of 3.13" from 1972. Many other stations in the Southeast Alaska reported also record rainfalls on the 20th.