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Juneau March 2012


In Juneau , the average temperature was 33.0°F, slightly below the normal of 33.8°F for March. The maximum temperatures for the month (51°F) occurred on the 28thand the minimum temperature (16°F) was recorded on the 5thof March. No new temperature records were set during the whole month, and temperatures were quite close to normal.
Precipitation totaled 2.82" water-equivalent, 25% below normal. The storm on the 8thwas remarkable, with wind speeds up to 48 mph, blowing from a southeasterly direction. It was not only the highest wind speed for the month, but also advected a great amount of moisture and 1.06" of precipitation was recorded on the same day, the highest daily amount of the month. The observed monthly snowfall was measured as 14.6", which is 3" above the normal value. Furthermore, mean cloudiness was high with 80%, and average wind speed at Juneau Airport was 7.3 mph.