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Juneau March 2011


In Juneau, the average temperature was 28.8°F, 4.9°F below normal for March. The maximum temperature for the month was 52°F on the 27th and 28th which were also new record high temperatures for these specific days. The old records were 47°F in 1996 and 49°F in 1958, respectively. The low for the month was 9°F on the 11th. Precipitation totaled 1.28", 64% below normal and snowfall totaled 4.9”, 57% below the long-term mean. This was the 4th driest March on record, with only 8-days of measurable precipitation. Average wind speed at Juneau Airport was 6.9 mph with a high wind gust of 49 mph on the 2nd, generated by another Taku wind event that brought high winds throughout the Juneau area on that day, including a gust of 76 mph at the Douglas Boat Harbor.