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Juneau December 2011


In Juneau, the average December temperature was 33.7°F, 3.8°F above the long-term mean of 29.9°F. The maximum temperatures for the month (44°F) occurred on the 5th and 22nd and the minimum temperature (18°F) was recorded on the 30th December. As for other stations in Alaska, December temperatures were warmer than the temperatures measured in November, and the monthly maximum and minimum were higher. No absolute high or low temperatures were observed. Precipitation totaled 7.45", 1.61" above the long-term mean of 5.84" for the month. 14.5" of snow were measured, slightly below the long-term mean of 15.6. The above normal amount of precipitation, together with a somewhat below amount of snow might appear at the first glance surprising, however due to the warmer temperatures, a larger amount fell as rain. An average monthly wind speed of 11.0 mph was observed and a top gust of 53 mph occurred on the 1st. There was no clear day during December.