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Juneau August 2012


The average temperature in Juneau for August was 54.6°F, 1.3°F below the long term mean. The maximum temperature of the month was 72°F, occurring on the 14th, while the minimum was a cool 38°F and occurred on the 30th. Temperatures started cool at the beginning of the month with little daily variation due to the soggy weather, but warmer temperatures occurred at the middle and end of the month.
Precipitation fell on twenty-one days of the month hence the total was higher than normal at 7.59", this is 1.86" above the expected amount of 5.73". On the 8thof August, 1.21" of rain fell, just breaking the previous record for that day (1.18") set in 2002. Then on the 28tha total of 1.28" of precipitation was measured, surpassing the 1988 record of 0.76". The average wind speed was 5.3 mph, and the maximum wind speed of 30 mph occurred on the 8th, blowing from a southeasterly direction.