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Juneau August 2011


In Juneau, the average temperature was 53.1°F, markedly (-2.8°F) below normal for August. It is notable that both the maximum temperature (66°F) and the minimum temperature (40°F) for the month occurred on the same day, the 13thof August.
Precipitation totaled 10.72", which is a significant 87% above normal. This came close to the maximum amount ever measured for the month of August, which was 11.02" set in 2006. Explicitly, this was the 4thwettest August on record. On the 15th, 16th, and 20thnew record precipitation totals were logged, with the 16thand 20ththe recording identical values of 1.38". A number of other stations in the Southeast Alaska reported also record rainfalls on the 20th. In addition, the record precipitation was tied on the 28that 0.76", a record that had been set in 1988. As might be deduced from the high precipitation recorded, sky cover averaged 90%, with 30 cloudy days and some rain occurring on 28 days of the month. Average wind speed at Juneau Airport was 7.1 mph with a highest wind gust of 41 mph on the 20th.