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Delta Junction October 2013


Delta Junction's mean temperature for October was 37.2°F, an astonishing 13.1°F above normal. Temperatures stayed above normal throughout the month. These high temperatures were caused by Chinook wind events, when air from the south is lifted moist-adiabatically on the south side of the Alaska Range, but descending to the north at the higher dry adiabatic rate. A balmy 62°F was the high temperature for this month, which occurred on the 28th, and this constituted a new daily high, breaking the old record of 43°F, set in 1962. In addition, five more daily record highs were set from the 16th to the 20th. On the 16th the high was 58°F, topping out the 1972 record of 55°F. This was followed by 60°F, tying the 1972 record. Then the 53°F on the 18th broke the 1969 record of 51°F.  The old record from 2002 of 49°F on the 19th was just topped at 50°F. Finally the 20th saw 62°F, smashing the 1962 record of 43°F. A relatively warm 14°F was the coldest temperature, recorded on the 23rd.

Precipitation was 0.30", just 38% of the normal amount of 0.80".