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Delta Junction January 2012


Big Delta reported a mean temperature of -21.4°F in January 2012, which is a very substantial 20.4°F below the long-term mean temperature. The high temperature of the month was observed on the 11that 14°F, while the low temperatures occurred on the 29thwith -50°F. In general, the daily temperature trace is similar to Fairbanks, however, extreme low temperature occurred less frequently, and only on 6 days were temperatures of -40°F or below recorded. As the Alaska Range is much closer to Big Delta than to Fairbanks, wind speeds are higher, and somewhat more mixing with the warmer air above occurs, weakening the surface temperature inversion. No new temperature records were observed.
Precipitation for the month measured as 0.48" water-equivalent and on the 6thof January 0.18" was recorded. This is a new record for this particular day, surpassing the old record of 0.12" of 1955.