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Anchorage September 2012


Anchorage was slightly cooler than normal in September, with an average temperature of 47.9°F, 0.7°F below the expected temperature. The maximum temperature (65°F) occurred on the 22nd, while the minimum temperature (29°F) occurred on the 30th. September temperatures started out normal, then alternated form cold to warm as storms impacted the region.
Precipitation was heavy at 6.49", 117% above the normal of 2.99". First measureable snowfall occurred on the 29thwith 0.2" at the airport. Up to 7" was measured on the hillside, and this was an early first snowfall, which normally does not occur until October 17th. The average wind speed was 8.5 mph, while the strongest gust of 58 mph was observed on the 4th, blowing from a southeasterly direction. High gusts were also record on the 5that 55 mph and on the 22ndat 50 mph.