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Anchorage May 2013


Anchorage was in May cooler than normal, with a mean temperature of 45.0°F, or 2.8°F below the long-term mean of 47.8°F. The highest temperature for the month was observed on the 30th, at 69.0°F, while the coldest temperature was recorded toward the middle of the month on the 18th, a chilly 26°F.

Precipitation was over double the expected amount, at 1.53" of water-equivalent. This is 0.81" over the expected amount of 0.72". The above normal precipitation broke also two daily precipitation records. On the 4th 0.36" were recorded, breaking the 0.32" record of 1989 and on the 17th, the daily precipitation record was shattered, with 0.52" observed, compared to the 1959 record of 0.21". Snowfall was also above normal, 1.3" were recorded, over 3 times the long-term mean of 0.3". On the 4th, the daily snowfall for the day was 0.9", breaking the 0.4" recorded in both 2001 and 1975. The max wind speed occurred on the 3rd, and was 39mph, blowing from the south. The average monthly wind speed was 5.8 mph.