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Anchorage March 2013


Anchorage was slightly chillier than usual for the month, with a mean monthly temperature of 24.5°F compared to the normal 26.6°F. Temperature trends varied throughout the month, gradually growing warmer, than colder, repeating this pattern, ending the month with warmer temperatures. The coldest temperature was observed on the 27th at -1°F, just before a general temperature warming that finished off the month. The warmest temperature occurred on the 8th, at 44°F.

Precipitation was over double the normal amount, 1.37" were observed, 228% of the normal amount. On the 24th, both the daily record in Anchorage for snowfall and precipitation were broken, with 5.8" of snow, and 0.42" of precipitationrespectively. Monthly snowfall was measured at 31.0", and the average wind speed was 6.3 mph. The fastest wind speed for the month was 47 mph, from the northeast, observed on the 12th.