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Anchorage January 2014


For January Anchorage had an observed mean temperature of 29.4°F, a substantial 12.3°F over the normal mean of 17.1°F. Overall the month was warmer than normal, aside from a brief dip on the 11th, 12th, and 13th where temperatures were close to normal, or slightly below. The highest temperature of the month was 50°F, occurring on the 27th.  This is a new daily record, breaking the old high of 45°F from 1985. On the 17th the daily temperature matched the record set on that day in 1992 of 46.0°F, while the 48°F on the 23rd matched a 1977 record for the warmest daily temperature. Finally on the 26th the high of 46.0°F set a record for that day, breaking a 1975 and 2001 record of 42°F. The coldest temperature for the month was 10°F, recorded on the 12th.

Precipitation for January was above normal, with 1.37" recorded for the month, or 188% of the normal of 0.73". Two precipitation records were set for the month. On the 15th, the 0.25" that fell broke a 2006 record of 0.19", while on the 23rd the 0.50" that fell, smashed the 2008 record of 0.15". Snowfall totaled 9.2", 2.1" less than the normal amount of 11.3". The average wind speed was 5.1 mph; while the greatest gust was 43 mph from a southeasterly direction on the 17th.