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Anchorage December 2012


Anchorage was cooler than normal in December, with an average temperature of 14.6°F, 4.4°F below the expected temperature. The maximum temperature (47°F) occurred on the 30th, while the minimum temperature (-9°F) occurred on the 17th. December temperatures tended to be colder than normal with the exception of a few days around the 11th, and then at the end of the month.
Precipitation was high at 1.83", 65% above the normal of 1.11". Snowfall totaled 18.2", just 1.5" above the expected amount. A new snowfall record occurred on the 12th with 8.6" falling, breaking the 6.8" record set just last year. In addition, the snowfall generated a water-equivalent equivalent record of 0.95", also breaking the record from last year of 0.53". With heavy snowfall from the 8th to the 12th, Anchorage had nearly eliminated its winter snow deficit. The average wind speed was 6.6 mph, with a maximum wind speed of 43 mph reported on the 29 and blowing from a southerly direction.