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Anchorage August 2016


Anchorage had a mean monthly temperature in August of 60.5°F, 3.9°F above the long term mean. The highest temperature for the month was 77°F on the 28th, which also set a new record for that day, smashing the 1974 record of 70°F. Four other daily records were also set: on the 27th a temperature of 73°F was recorded, breaking the old 1993 record by 4°F, on the 29th the high was 72°F, breaking the old 2007 record by 2°F, then on the 30th a temperature of 74°F was observed, breaking the old 1974 record by 1°F. Finally, the high of 71°F on the 31st tied the 1963 record. The lowest temperature for the month was 44°F on the 31st.

Precipitation was 168% of normal, with 5.45” of precipitation measured, 2.20” over the normal 3.25”. Driving this high precipitation were three new daily record rainfalls. On the 4th a total of 0.76" fell, just topping the 2010 record of 0.75". Then on the 8th the 1.06" of rain broke the 1971 record of 0.79". Finally, the total of 1.02" on the 22nd broke the 0.60" record from 1953. The average wind speed was 5.6 mph while the highest wind speed was 40 mph on the 6th from a southeasterly direction.