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Anchorage April 2013


Anchorage was significantly colder than normal in April, with an average temperature of 29.6°F, 7.2°F below the expected temperature of 36.8, making this the 6th coldest April on record. The maximum temperature (51°F) occurred on the 22nd, while the minimum temperature (7°F) occurred on the 11th. April temperatures were below normal with the exception of first four days. Precipitation was high at 1.03", 119% above the normal of 0.47". The precipitation equivalent of 0.33" on the 6th topped the 0.22" record just set in 2012. Then again on the 23rd, 0.28" came down and broke the 0.16" record from 1964. Snowfall totaled 16.0", 12.0" above the expected amount. 6.2 fell on the 6th, topping the 2010 record of 3.3". Trace amounts or more of snow fell on eight days during the month. The average wind speed was 6.3 mph, with a maximum wind speed of 39 mph reported on the 25th, blowing from a northwesterly direction.