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2012 January Monthly Report


Bethel, with a mean monthly temperature of -17.3°F had not only the coldest January on record, but also
the coldest month ever recorded. The old record low for January had been -13.3°F set in back in 1934.
Bettles had an average monthly temperature of frigid -35.6°F, 1.6°F lower than the previous record from
1971. Three of the last four days of January had a low temperature of -60°F or lower, each setting new
daily records. The average monthly temperature for Galena was -32.6°F, compared to the previous record
of -31.4°F set in 1971, and on January 29th observed the 3rd lowest temperature (-65°F) ever seen in
Galena. Homer also experienced a new record cold January at 9.0°F, outdoing the 1947 record of 9.4°F.
For Nome, it was the coldest January on record at an average of -16.6°F, 1.4°F colder than the old record
in 1989. It was also the 2ndcoldest month recorded, only falling behind February 1990s -17.2°F. Further,
the mean January temperatures of Cold Bay +18.2°F tied the old record low from 1956.