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Utqiaġvik September 2013


Barrow observed a mean temperature of 31.2°F for the month, 0.9°F below normal. A warm 51°F was the highest temperature recorded this September, which occurred on the 6th. Meanwhile on the 24th, the coolest temperature for the month was a observed, a chilly 6°F. Temperatures tended to stay within the normal amounts for the month, aside from a two-day warm spell starting on the 6th, and a four-day cold spell starting on the 23rd.

Precipitation was 1.37", 0.65 above normal (190%). A large amount of this fell as snow (8.1"), 5.2" more than normal. The mean monthly wind speed was recorded as 12.4 mph with the highest gust (46mph) measured on the 3rd, blowing  from a northeasterly direction.