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Utqiaġvik September 2012


Barrow experienced the sixth month in a row with above normal temperatures this September. The mean value was 34.7°F, a positive deviation of 2.6°F above the normal of 32.1°F. The highest temperature (45°F) occurred on the 23rd, while the lowest temperature (27°F) was reported on the 16th, 29th, and 30th.
Precipitation in Barrow (1.93") was heavy at 168% above the normal value of 0.72", and helping this high total were two new daily record precipitation events. On the 5tha total of 0.34" fell, topping the 2002 record of 0.24". Then on the 23rd, 0.36" fell, breaking the previous record of 0.25" from 2004. Trace amounts or more of precipitation was recorded on 29 days of the month. Snowfall (5.8") was 32% above the normal value of 4.4". The average wind speed was 11.7 mph, while the maximum gust (44 mph) occurred on the 16th, blowing from a northeasterly direction.