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Utqiaġvik September 2011


Barrow reported an average temperature in September of 36.7°F, 4.6°F above normal, the highest positive deviation of the 8 city summary, continuing the trend of last month. The maximum temperature occurred on the 11th at 51°F, and the lowest temperature of 20°F was observed on the last day of September. In general, the temperatures during most of the first &frac12 of the month were far above normal, while the second half were closer too normal. No new temperature records were observed during September. Precipitation in Barrow totaled 0.92", 28% above the normal value of 0.72" and 4.9" of snow fell, the greatest amount of 1.3" on the 27th September. 18 days of the month recorded trace or more amounts of snow. The mean monthly wind speed was 11.8 mph and gusts of 37 mph occurred on both the 17th and 18th.