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Utqiaġvik September 2010


The average temperature in Barrow last month was 37.4°F, substantially above normal again this month, by 6.2°F. The high temperature for the month was 55°F on the 11th and the low temperature was 13°F on the 30th. The first frost date for Barrow was recorded on the 10th, with a temperature of 31°F. This is a late first frost date for Barrow, which normally experiences a first frost in August. Only in four previous instances has the first frost come in September; 1951 (9th), 1954 (12th), 1979 (12th), and again just last year, 2009 (7th). Low temperatures increased from the 12th to the 20th, then returned to below freezing through the month. The total precipitation for September was 0.56”, just 7% below normal. Snowfall was recorded as 5.7”, and the snow depth remained at 3” at the end of the month. On the 28th, 1.9” of snow was reported which was a new record for that date, the old record was 1.6” in 2000. Winds averaged 11.6 mph and the highest gust reported was 43 mph on the 25th.