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Utqiaġvik May 2015


May's mean monthly temperature for Barrow was recorded at 28°F, 6.9°F above normal. This is also tied for the highest mean monthly temperature, sharing the record with 1991. The highest temperature was 47°F on the 21st, which broke the daily record for that day, set in 2011, by 6°F. Three more daily record highs events were recorded: first on the 17th, the high of 38°F tied the old record from 1923, then on the 18th the 41°F that was observed broke the 1963 record for that day by 2°F, and the following day, the 19th, the 46°F that was recorded shattered the 2009 recorded by 8°F. The coldest temperature for the month was 4°F on the 1st.

Precipitation was heavier than normal with 0.65" measured for the month, 0.47" more than normal. This makes 2015 the third wettest May on record for Barrow. Slightly more than half of this precipitation fell on the 25th, with 0.34" measured which set the record for that day, smashing the 0.06" that set the old record in 1967. This total was also the highest one-day precipitation for any day in May. The previous record was 0.30” from May 15th, 2014. On the 16th, the 0.09" that was recorded broke the previous record for that day by 0.05", set back in 1963. The average wind speed for the month was 11.6 mph, while the highest wind speed was 38 mph from an easterly direction on the 15th.