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Utqiaġvik June 2011


Barrow has reported an average temperature in June of 35.2°F, just slightly (0.2°F) above the long-term mean. The warmest temperatures for the month was 52°F on the 17th and the lowest temperature of 26°F occurred on the 12th of June. In general, the daily temperatures during the whole month were close to normal and no new records were observed. The average minimum temperature was 31.1°F, just slightly be low the freezing point. Precipitation in Barrow totaled 0.54", 69% above the normal value of 0.32". Snowfalls were recorded on 12 days of the month for a total accumulation of 0.8". It is also worth nothing that for the snow year (July 1st 2010 to June 30th 2011) Barrow received 64.6" of snow, more than double the long term mean of 28.5". The mean monthly wind speed was measured as 14.7 mph, with a gust of 38 mph occurring on the 3rd June.