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Utqiaġvik July 2012


Barrow was the one station fist order station that was warmer than normal, having a mean temperature of 44.0°F, 3.1°F above the normal value of 40.9°F. The highest temperature (67°F) occurred on the 23rd, while the coolest temperature (29°F) was reported on three separate days, the 18th, 19th, and 21st. Aside from the small dip in temperatures during this time frame, from the 11thto the 31st, temperatures tended to be above the expected trend.
Precipitation in Barrow (0.54") was slightly more than half the normal value of 0.98", while the snowfall in Barrow matched the normal value of 0.2". The average wind speed was 9.9 mph, while the maximum gust (32 mph) occurred on the 4th, blowing from an easterly direction.