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Utqiaġvik August 2012


Barrow experienced the fifth month in a row with above normal temperatures. The mean value was 45.3°F, a very substantial deviation of 6.3°F above the normal of 39.0°F, and higher than the July 2012 value of 44.0°F. The highest temperature (66°F) occurred on the 19th, and this is a new daily record. The previous record was 63°F set in 1923 and then tied in 1954. The daily temperature maximum was tied on the 22ndat 63°F. The previous record was set in 1972. The lowest temperature (29°F) was reported on the 11th. This matched the low temperature from July. In another indication of the extreme warmth of August 2012, six new daily high minimum temperature records were set between the 14thand 22nd.
Precipitation in Barrow (1.09") was slightly above the normal value of 1.05", while the snowfall (trace amount) was less than the normal value of 0.9". The average wind speed was 12.1 mph, while the maximum gust (41 mph) occurred on the 5th, blowing from a southerly direction.