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Nome April 2016


Nome had an April mean monthly temperature of 34.3°F, 13.8°F above the normal of 20.5°F. The highest temperature for the month was 52°F on the 26th, which tied the old 1940 record for that day. Five daily records were set for the month: on the 12th a temperature of 46°F was observed, breaking the 2004 record for that day of 42°F, on the 18th the 44°F observed broke the old 2014 record by 1°F, on the 20th the 49°F observed broke the 2014 record for that day of 47°F, on the 21st the 50°F observed broke the 1996 record by 5°F, and finally on the 28th the 50°F observed topped the old 1953 record by 1°F. The lowest temperature for the month was 10°F on the 3rd.

Precipitation was slightly higher than normal, with 0.80" measured, a mere 0.04" above normal. Snowfall was lighter than normal with 6.1" measured, 1.4" less than the expected 7.5". The average wind speed was 8.5 mph, while the highest wind speed was 44 mph on the 1st from a northeasterly direction.