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Kodiak March 2015


Kodiak's mean monthly temperature was 3.8°F above normal, with a mean of 36.6°F observed. The highest temperature for the month was 52°F which was recorded on the 29th, 7th, and 26th, while the lowest was 13°F observed on the 12th and 13th. The 47°F observed on the 5th broke the record for that day, set in 1996, by 1°F.

Precipitation was 136% of normal, with 7.53" measured compared to the 5.53" expected. 1.68" of that precipitation fell on the 2nd, which broke the old record for that day, set in 1968 by 0.8". Due to the warmer weather, just 1.5" of snowfall was measured, a mere 13% of the expected 11.3". The highest wind speed was 47 mph on the 25th, from a northeasterly direction, while the average wind speed was 12.3 mph.