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Juneau July 2012


The average temperature inJuneau was 54.9°F, 2.0°F below the long term mean. The maximum temperature of the month was 76°F, occurring on the 26th, while a cool 38°F occurred on the 12th, and was the minimum temperature reported this month, breaking the previous record for this day (40°F) set back in 1946. Temperatures started cool at the beginning of the month, but warmer temperatures occurred at the end of the month.
Precipitation was 5.37", 0.77" higher than the expected amount. On the 9thof July, 1.64" of rain fell, breaking the previous record for that day (0.96") set in 1984. The average wind speed was 4.8 mph, and the maximum wind speed of 28 mph occurred on the 12th, from a southeastern direction.