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Delta Junction November 2011


Big Delta, some 100 miles from Fairbanks and also in Interior Alaska, had a similar, but even slightly larger (-11.2°F) negative deviation from the long-term mean. Big Delta reported a mean temperature of -4.9°F, very, very cold for November. Normally the winter temperature for this area is slightly higher than Fairbanks, as it is closer to the Alaska Range hence, the "F&oumlhn" is more pronounced. The warmest temperature of the month was 22°F on the 30th. As in Fairbanks, the middle of the month was especially cold. On the 19th November, a minimum temperature of -36°F was recorded, establishing a new record for this day. The old record was -34°F, which had occurred in 1963. This was also the coldest minimum for the month. A couple of days later (21 November), a minimum temperature of -35°F occurred, matching the old value for this day established in 1960. Precipitation totaled 0.25" water-equivalent, much too dry for the month, and surpassing even Fairbanks, both in the slight amount as well as the deviation from normal. It represents only 40% of the expected value.