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Delta Junction April 2013


In Delta Junction the mean temperature for April (17.1°F) was a phenomenal 15.1°F below the long-term normal of 32.2°F. the highest temperature was a pleasant 48°F observed on the 23rd, while the lowest temperature of was -13°F witnessed on the 13th. This also set a new daily low, breaking the 2002 value of -10°F. Five more record low events were set in the month: on the 10th the low of -8°F tied the 1946 record. Then the -12°F on the 11th tied the record from 1985. Jumping to the 26th, 9°F broke the 11°F record from 1955. The 27th saw 11°F, eclipsing the 17°F record from 1984. Finally, the 3°F on the 28th shattered the 15°F from 1972. Daily temperatures stayed well below normal for the month with the exception of the first three days. Precipitation was above average with a reported total of 0.36", 0.13" above of the expected amount of 0.23". The 8th saw 0.16" of precipitation equivalent, a new daily record, breaking the 0.10" from 1962.