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Anchorage May 2012


Anchorage recorded an average temperature in May of 45.5°F, 2.3°F below the normal of 47.8°F. It is also the first month of this year, when the temperature was lower than for Fairbanks. The more maritime climate of Anchorage has warmer temperatures in winter, but lower temperatures in summer when compared to the more continental climate of Interior Alaska. The maximum temperature of the month occurred on the 23rdwith 65°F, while a minimum temperature of 27°F was observed on the 3rdof May. For the whole month the temperature followed the expected trend fairly closely.
Precipitation was reported at 0.43", which is 40% below the normal of 0.72". The average cloudiness was high with 80% and the mean monthly wind speed was calculated as 8.4 mph and the peak wind speed occurred on 11thMay with 43 mph blowing from a southerly direction.