You can check out our unique remote Popup Window with both the webcam image and weather station data. (5 minute refresh time.) Below are examples of interesting optical phenomena captured by our webcam.




Fog Rolls In from the Tanana River

January 17, 2002

632 KB

Winter Solstice

December 22, 2001

2.1 MB

Sun Dog (photo)

December 15, 2001

1.6 MB


August 20, 2001

2.5 MB

Southern Sunset

August 16, 2001

991 KB

Tanana Flats Fire

June 21, 2001

1.3 MB

Earth's Shadow

June 21, 2001

1.1 MB

Double Rainbow

June 14, 2001

1.2 MB

Note: you must have QuickTime installed on your computer to view the movies. Get QuickTime here.

Web Cam Information:

The Alaska Climate Research Center Web Cam is located on the 3rd floor of the International Arctic Research Center building, West Ridge, University of Alaska, Fairbanks Campus. The Camera is essentially located on a small hill on the western part of the Fairbanks bowl, looking due south out over the Fairbanks International Airport to Clear Creek Butte, and the Alaska Range beyond. To provide a better idea of the camera situation, we have a map of the UAF West Ridge, showing camera location and view direction. Also, an vicinity map provides a reference to the Fairbanks bowl area. Not sure where Fairbanks, Alaska, USA is? Here is map showing Alaska, and where our webcam is situated. The camera itself is an AXIS 2110 Network Camera. Please note that due to the high northern latitude of Fairbanks, the amount of daylight received varies considerably throughout the year.

Linking to the Webcam:

Do not link to the webcam image directly. The Axis camera can not handle large amounts of traffic. Please link to this page, or the main page at If you have a special request, email us.