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The Alaska Climate Research Center weather station is located on the roof of the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. The station is located at 737 feet (225 m) above sea level, at 64° 51' 22" N, 147° 50' 58"W. By comparison, the official National Weather Service reporting station is located at the Fairbanks International Airport. The elevation is 436 feet (133 m) and lies at 64° 49' N, 147° 51' W. This is a difference of 2.8 miles and 301 feet in elevation from the NWS Station. To provide a better idea of the station location, we have a map of the UAF West Ridge. We also have a vicinity map available with the location of the Airport, and information about local terrain, etc. A world map will show you where Fairbanks is on the globe. As the ACRC Station is located on top of an 8-story building, it is susceptible to local wind and temperature effects, and should not be considered as an "official" reporting station. Due to the high frequency of temperature inversions during the winter, you will often notice a higher temperature at the ACRC Station than at the official NWS Station.

Station Type

Davis Vantage Pro

Station Software

Davis WeatherLink Software


64° 51' 22" N


147° 50' 58" W


737 feet (225 m)

Time Zone

Alaska Standard Time (-9h)

Current Date & Time