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Server Availability:
It is our desire to provide this service on a continuous basis. However, as experienced users know, the Internet is a fickle environment. We can not be responsible for network level problems or other gremlins. On the other hand, the network here at the Institute is very dependable, so we have found it easy to maintain a good record. In addition, the server may be unavailable during working hours while we tinker with it, add new features and such, or at random times due to power outages, system crashes and the like. To date we have maintained a good record, and will strive to keep it that way. So, if the server is not responding, we ask that you come back in a few minutes.

Our peak usage times currently are between 10 am and 6 pm during the week days. While our new hardware / software seems to easily handle the current loads, if you find the server busy please come back during the non-peak hours.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your understanding.

Server History:
We started up the ACRC WebServer in fall 1995. It was run on a Apple Macintosh II with MacHTTP. The computer had 8 MB of RAM, and ran at 20 MHz. We used that machine for about a year, then moved to Webstar on a Mac Quadra 630 (20 MB / 66 MHz). This machine hosted the server for several years till it was temporary moved to a Powermac 5200/100. After only a few months we were able to shift to a much faster Powermac 5500/225 (64 MB / 255 MHz). This machine hosted the server for about 3 years. Near the end of its term, the 5500 was handling about 20,000 HTTP requests per day, or about 200 MB of data. This does not account for the thousands of email messages handled, or files transfered via FTP. In later winter 2002 the server was shifted to a PowerMac 8600, (176 MB / 300 MHz) simply because the old 5500 was not capable of handling the current load. In May 2003, the site underwent a major upgrade to Mac OS X Server running on a PowerMac G4 (384 MB / 400 MHz). At this time, we are still adjusting our site to the new technology provided by this change.

Server Statistics:
There are three kinds of lies-- lies, damn lies, and [server] statistics
-- paraphrased from Mark Twain (1835-1910)

[Server] Statistics are like lampposts: they are good to lean on, but they don't shed much light.

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