City Summaries

Fairbanks February 2014

Fairbanks had a mean monthly temperature of -4.4°F, -1.3°F below the normal of ‑3.1°F for February. The highest temperature recorded this month was 35°F on the 27th, while the coldest was -34°F occurring on the 10th.


Precipitation was near normal at 0.40", just 0.02" below normal and 7.1" of snow recorded, -1.0" from normal. 4.3" of snow fell on 6th, accounting for over half of the month's snowfall, as well as breaking the 1971 record for the day of 2.9". Fairbanks had an average wind speed of 2.1 mph, with the greatest gust being 23 mph, on the 6th, from a northerly direction.

Anchorage February 2014

Anchorage's mean monthly temperature for February was 18.6°F, 1.6°F below the normal of 20.2°F. The highest temperature for the month occurred on the 27th, with a max temperature of 49°F, which also broke the 1968 record for the day by 1°F, while the coldest temperature observed was 1°F, occurring on both the 11th and the 13th.


February had 0.56" of precipitation, or 78% of the expected amount of 0.72". 9.9" of snow was observed, which was 1.0" below the normal amount. The greatest wind gust was observed on the 7th, with a 48 mph peak observed, from a northerly direction. The mean wind speed was 5.5 mph.

Barrow February 2014

The February mean temperature for Barrow was -7.0°F, a whole 7.2°F above the normal of -14.2°F. The highest temperature for the month was observed on the 1st, at 26°F, breaking the previous record set in 1948 by 1°F. The lowest temperature recorded for the month was -36°F, occurring on both the 19th and the 20th.


Precipitation for February was 0.19"; just 0.05" above normal and 2.2" of snow was recorded, 0.4" less than normal. The greatest wind speed was 45 mph from a northwesterly direction, on the 6th. The average wind speed was 12.3 mph.

Delta Junction February 2014

Delta Junction's mean temperature for February was 1.2°F, or -3.7°F from the normal temperature. Temperatures were higher toward the beginning and end of the month, with the highest temperature this month occurring on the 27th, with 28°F recorded. The lowest temperature was -28°F occurring separately on the 9th and 12th.


February's precipitation was 0.24", just -0.04" below the normal amount.

Juneau February 2014

Juneau's February temperature was 23.9°F, -6.2°F from the normal of 30.1°F. The highest temperature was 41°F, occurring on the last three days of the month, the 26th, 27th, and 28th. The lowest was 0°F on the 12th.


Precipitation was 1.98", just 48% of the normal of 4.13". 26.8" of snow was observed, a whopping 10.0" more than the expected value of 16.8". The average wind speed for February was 5.3 mph, with the greatest gust being 42 mph on the 10th, from an easterly direction.

Ketchikan February 2014

Ketchikan's mean monthly temperature for February was 5.2°F below the normal of 35.8°F, with a mean monthly temperature of 30.6°F. The highest temperature observed was 47°F, occurring on the 28th, while the lowest was recorded at 12°F, on the 7th and 9th.


February's precipitation was a mere 4.01", just 38% of the normal of 10.53".

King Salmon February 2014

King Salmon had a mean temperature for February of 22.5°F, 3.7°F above the normal of 18.8°F. The highest temperature for the month was 45°F, occurring on the 23rd, where it tied the previous record for the day, and the 27th. -16°F was the lowest temperature of the month, recorded on the 17th.


Precipitation was near non-existent, with a mere 0.06", 0.7" below the normal. A scant 1.3" of snow was recorded, just 22% of the 6.0" normal amount. The greatest wind gust was 69 mph on the 22nd, from an easterly direction, while the month had an average wind speed of 13.3 mph. High wind speed records were set on the 7th and 26th.

Kodiak February 2014

Kodiak's mean February temperature was near normal, at a temperature of 30.0°F, just 0.8°F below the expected mean. The warmest temperature occurred on the 28th, with a 51°F observed, matching the 1962 record for the day, while 6°F was the lowest recorded temperature for the month, on the 20th.


Precipitation was also near normal, with 6.95" recorded, just 0.81" above the expected amount. On the 26th, 2.51" of rain was observed, more than double the 1968 record of 1.17". 7.0" of snow was observed, less than half the expected amount of 15.1". The mean wind speed was 12.5 mph, with the greatest gust occurring on the 12th, at 54 mph from a westerly direction.

Nome February 2014

Nome was warmer than normal this February, with a mean monthly temperature of 13.6°F or 6.2°F above normal. The highest temperature occurred at the end of the month, at 37°F, observed on both the 26th and 27th. The 13th had the lowest temperature for this month, with -17°F recorded.


Precipitation was 0.60" or 0.33" below the normal of 0.93" and 9.1" of snow was observed, 75% of the normal amount of 12.2". The average wind speed was 8.1 mph, with a highest gust of 45 mph on the 22nd, from an easterly direction.