City Summaries

Fairbanks September 2013

Fairbanks was 1.1°F below its long-term mean, with a temperature of 43.8°F for September.  The warmest temperature for the month was recorded at 71°F on the 10th, but three days afterward, a cold spell occurred lasting nine days. On the 23rd a temperature of 23°F was recorded, the coldest temperature this month.

Precipitation in Fairbanks was 1.74", 158% of the normal amount of 1.10". On the 11th, 0.75" of rainfell, breaking the previous record for that day set in 1991. The first snowfall of the season was observed on the 18th September, with 0.6”. This consisted of the majority of the snowfall for the month. The mean wind speed was a low 4.1 mph, while the highest wind gust was 33mph, blowing from a southwesterly direction on the 3rd.

Anchorage September 2013

Anchorage recorded a mean temperature for September of 48.0°F, which is 0.6°F below the expected temperature. The highest temperature of 62°F was measured on September 3rd, while the lowest was 27°F occurred on the 24th. For most daysof the month, temperatures were near, or slightly above normal however.

Precipitation was measured at 5.85", 196% of the normal of 2.99". The mean monthly wind speed was 5.8 mph and the greatest wind gust of 45mph was observed on the 3rd blowing from a southeasterly direction.

Barrow September 2013

Barrow observed a mean temperature of 31.2°F for the month, 0.9°F below normal. A warm 51°F was the highest temperature recorded this September, which occurred on the 6th. Meanwhile on the 24th, the coolest temperature for the month was a observed, a chilly 6°F. Temperatures tended to stay within the normal amounts for the month, aside from a two-day warm spell starting on the 6th, and a four-day cold spell starting on the 23rd.

Precipitation was 1.37", 0.65 above normal (190%). A large amount of this fell as snow (8.1"), 5.2" more than normal. The mean monthly wind speed was recorded as 12.4 mph with the highest gust (46mph) measured on the 3rd, blowing  from a northeasterly direction.

Big Delta September 2013

Delta Junction's mean temperature for September was 42.6°F, 1.4°F below normal. A warm 68°F was the high temperature for this month, which occurred on the 3rd, while a chilly 17°F was the coldest temperature, recorded on the 21st.

Precipitation was 0.85", 83% of the normal amount of 1.03".

Juneau September 2013

Juneau had a mean temperature 51.9°F in September, 1.9°F above normal. The warmest temperature of the month was recorded on the 2nd, a warm 69°F, while the coldest temperature occurred toward the end of the month on the 25th, with a chilly 32°F.

Precipitation for Juneau was 7.53", or 87% of the normal amount. The monthly mean wind speed was calculated as 8.3 mph, with a maximum gust of 40mph on the 7th, blowing from an easterly direction.

Ketchikan September 2013

Ketchikan was warm in September, 3.1°F above the expected temperature of 52.5°F. The highest temperature for the month was recorded on both the 3rd and the 7th, with a warm 73°F, while the lowest temperature (42°F) occurred on the 24th and 25th.

The precipitation was measured as 16.48", 2.69" above the normal amount. A new daily record was being set on the 19th, with an amazing 5.13", breaking the old record for the day set in 1950.

King Salmon September 2013

The mean monthly temperature for September in King Salmon was 47.0°F, 0.6°F below normal.  On the 1st, 70°F was recorded, which was the highest temperature for the month. On the 24th, a temperature of 24°F occurred, which was the low temperature of the month. While most of the month was close to normal of slightly above it, there was a substantial cold spell from the 17th to 24th of the month.

Precipitation was 2.08", about 2/3 of the expected amount. The mean monthly wind speed was calculated as 10.7 mph, with a high wind gust of 45mph, occurring on the 2nd, and blowing from a southeasterly direction.

Kodiak September 2013

Kodiak's mean monthly temperature was near normal, just 0.7°F above the normal of 50.1°F for September. Much like many other stations this month, the warmest temperature occurred at the beginning of the month, as the transition from summer half to winter half occurs, which is normally associated with a strong decrease in temperature. On the 1st a temperature of 67°F was recorded, the highest this month, while the coldest occurred on the 24th, at 31°F.

Similarly to Kodiak's monthly temperature, precipitation was also near normal, just 3% above the normal amount with 7.54" measured. The mean monthly wind speed was calculated as 11.9 mph; the highest gust occurred on the 22nd with a 67mph blowing from a westerly direction.

Nome September 2013

Nome's mean temperature for September was 39.9°F, 2.9°F below the normal amount of 42.8°F. Throughout the month, temperatures were either within the normal range, or below normal, which was dominant in the second half of the month. The highest temperature was observed on the 9th, at 55°F. The coldest occurred on the last day of the month, with a chilly 21°F recorded on the 30th.

1.98" of precipitation was recorded, 81% of the normal amount.  The rainfall of the 12th with 0.70” contributed more than 1/3 of the amount, and established a new record for this day. Further, the first measurable snowfall (0.70”) on the 23rd, with a monthly total of 1.1”. Mean monthly wind speed was calculated as 7.3 mph and the greatest gust was recorded on the 2nd at 35mph, from a northerly direction.