City Summaries

Fairbanks October 2013

Fairbanks' October temperature was 11.9°F above its long-term mean of 24.2°F, with a temperature of 36.1°F. The warmest temperature for the month was recorded at 57°F on the 18th and 19th. The max of 51°F on the 28th was a new record, breaking the old high of 44°F from 1959. On the 26th the low of 16°F was recorded, the coldest temperature recorded and this ties 2002 for the warmest low temperature for October. Overall, this was the third warmest October in 109 years.

Precipitation in Fairbanks was 0.59", 71% of the normal amount of 0.83". Measureable snowfall only occurred on two days of the month for a total of 0.7", 10.1" below normal, making this the 4th least snowiest October on record. Snowpack did not set in until the last day of the month and a meager 0.6". The mean wind speed was a low 3.4 mph, while the highest wind gust was 32 mph, blowing from a southerly direction on the 19th.

Anchorage October 2013

Anchorage recorded a mean temperature for October of 43.0°F, which is 8.2°F above the expected temperature of 34.8°F, making this the warmest October on record, breaking the 1936 record of 42.1°F. The highest temperature of 57°F was measured on October 16th, while the lowest was 26°F occurred on the 23rd and 24th. The high temperature of 52°F on the 28th was a new daily record, topping the old value of 49°F from 1959. For nearly all days of the month, temperatures were near, or above normal.

Precipitation was measured at 3.22", 159% of the normal of 2.03". On the 28th, 0.94" of rain fell, breaking the 1962 record of 0.69". The mean monthly wind speed was 7.7 mph and the greatest wind gust of 47 mph was observed on the 15th blowing from a southerly direction.

Barrow October 2013

Barrow observed a mean temperature of 24.7°F for the month, 7.5°F above normal. A nice 35°F was the highest temperature recorded this October, which occurred on the 18th. Meanwhile on the 31st, the coolest temperature for the month was observed, a chilly -2°F. Temperatures tended to stay well above normal amounts for most of the month.

Precipitation totaled 0.67", 0.26 above normal (163%). Trace or more amount of precipitation was measured on 28 days of the month. The mean monthly wind speed was recorded as 11.1 mph with the highest gust (43 mph) measured on the 8th, blowing from an easterly direction.

Big Delta October 2013

Delta Junction's mean temperature for October was 37.2°F, an astonishing 13.1°F above normal. Temperatures stayed above normal throughout the month. These high temperatures were caused by Chinook wind events, when air from the south is lifted moist-adiabatically on the south side of the Alaska Range, but descending to the north at the higher dry adiabatic rate. A balmy 62°F was the high temperature for this month, which occurred on the 28th, and this constituted a new daily high, breaking the old record of 43°F, set in 1962. In addition, five more daily record highs were set from the 16th to the 20th. On the 16th the high was 58°F, topping out the 1972 record of 55°F. This was followed by 60°F, tying the 1972 record. Then the 53°F on the 18th broke the 1969 record of 51°F.  The old record from 2002 of 49°F on the 19th was just topped at 50°F. Finally the 20th saw 62°F, smashing the 1962 record of 43°F. A relatively warm 14°F was the coldest temperature, recorded on the 23rd.

Precipitation was 0.30", just 38% of the normal amount of 0.80".

Juneau October 2013

Juneau had a mean temperature of 44.7°F in October, 2.3°F above normal, the 8th warmest October on record. The warmest temperature of the month was recorded on the 2nd at 56°F, while the coldest temperature occurred toward the end of the month ( 27th) with 32°F.

Precipitation for Juneau was 10.19", or 18% above the normal amount. The monthly mean wind speed was calculated as 8.1 mph, with a maximum gust of 50 mph on the 8th, blowing from an easterly direction.

Ketchikan October 2013

Ketchikan was slightly too warm in October, 1.7°F above the expected temperature of 45.3°F. The highest temperature for the month was recorded on both the 3rd and the 4th, at 56°F, while the lowest temperature (20°F) occurred on the 24th.

The precipitation was measured as 12.74", 6.48" below the normal amount.

King Salmon October 2013

The mean monthly temperature for October in King Salmon was 42.9°F, a substantial 9.4°F above normal.  On the 15th, a temperature of 56°F was recorded, which was the highest for the month. The high of 53°F on the 18th tied the old record from 2004. The on the 25th a new record of 51°F just topped the 2002 high of 50°F. The next day the high of 50°F broke the 2004 record of 49°F. Finally on the 27th temperatures topped out at 52°F, breaking the 1984 record of 50°F. The monthly low was 17°F set on the first. Temperatures stayed above normal except for the first two days.

Precipitation was heavy at 4.63", 123% above expected amount of 2.03". The mean monthly wind speed was calculated as 11.3 mph, with a high wind gust of 64 mph, occurring on the 18th, and blowing from a southeasterly direction.

Kodiak October 2013

Kodiak's mean monthly temperature for October of 44.4°F was 3.9°F above normal. Temperatures stayed above normal for most of the month. On the 4th a temperature of 58°F was recorded, the highest this month, while the coldest occurred on the 26th, at 27°F. The high of 56°F record on the 15th broke the 1984 record of 55°F. Then the high of 54°F on the 27th just topped out the old record of 54°F set way back in 1936.

Precipitation was high with a total of 9.96", 1.70" above the normal of 8.26". The mean monthly wind speed was calculated as 9.8 mph; the highest gust occurred on the 3rd at 54 mph, blowing from a northwesterly direction.

Nome October 2013

Nome's mean temperature for October was 35.6°F, 6.9°F above the normal amount of 28.7°F. Throughout the month, temperatures were either within the normal range, or above normal. The highest temperature was observed on the 12th and 13th, at 44°F. The coldest occurred with a low of 17°F on the 31st.

Precipitation was heavy and totaled 3.55", 120% above the normal amount 1.61".  Snowfall was very light at 0.5", just 11% of the normal 4.6". Mean monthly wind speed was calculated as 10.8 mph and the highest gust was recorded on the 24th at 53 mph, blowing from a northerly direction.